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All construction projects begin with a feasibility study. Depending on the complexity of your metal building design, this could be as simple as having your local building department sign off on your project, or it could be a multi-layered process. If you’re planning on starting a business in your new building, chances are it’s the latter and it would be wise to solicit the help of pre-construction professionals. Lets take a look at what it takes to effectively plan a project and how Custom Metal Solutions, LLC design package is unlike any other planning solution.

Evaluating Your Pre-Construction Services Options

If your business is growing, professionally planning your expansion project is just as important as how you run your business. This is true whether you’re starting a mini-storage business, expanding your home brewery or evaluating whether it’s best to buy an auto shop for sale or a new auto repair shop. An inexpert plan cannot only derail your operation, it can act as an anchor hindering your business’ ability to grow in the future.

Unless you’re a construction professional, you have two options if you want your preliminary planning done right.

1. Hire an Architect
2. Use Custom Metal Solutions, LLC Design Services Package

Option 1: Architectural Services

Architects and their plans have been around for thousands of years. Architects have planned some of the most impressive construction projects known to man from the Roman Colosseum in Italy to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The problem is, you’re not planning on building the 8th wonder of the world! You simply need a comprehensive outline of construction costs and some help designing your new facility so you can get financing or start raising capital. Full architectural plans are not only comprehensive they’re costly! Here’s how a typical architect bills for their time and an idea of what you would be looking to spend if you decided to hire an architect to plan as well as oversee your project.

Do Metal Building Designs Require an Architect?

There’s no doubt that architects are skilled professionals, but does your steel building design really require the full gamut of architectural services?

The answer is no. Many Custom Metal Solutions, LLC building designs only require MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) drawings that can cost as little as $1 per square foot. This is because Custom Metal Solutions, LLC offers a one of a kind service.

Option 2: Pre-Construction Services with Custom Metal Solutions, LLC

Our pre-construction services package will provide you with enough detailed information to determine the feasibility of your project without engaging an architect. Not to mention that in most cases, a metal building design package through Custom Metal Solutions, LLC costs about half as much as you’d spend hiring an architect and is enough to secure financing.

With as little as a hand-drawn sketch or verbal description of what you intend to build; our team will thoroughly research the construction options available to you according to local zoning. We will produce final floor plans, 3D renderings, and a complete cost analysis detailing what it will cost to complete construction as designed.

We research your site’s zoning and code requirements to make sure we are designing a project that can be built. The information attained during this step will influence how we design your building during the next steps in the process.

It is also important to understand your local requirements because these factors can change total project costs. The zoning and code review will ensure that your project is successful by limiting the chance of delays and unforeseen surprises.

You Need Design Services If:

If your project is held up because you need help with any of the following planning phases, our pre-construction services package is just what you need!

  • You are in the planning phase of your construction project
  • You don’t want to hire an expensive architect
  • You need to evaluate your local codes and zoning
  • You need a presentation tool to raise capital from investors
  • You are in the process of securing financing from a bank
  • You need to know how much the complete project will cost

Hiring an architect can be expensive when you’re simply trying to determine whether or not your project is feasible. A pre-construction services package through Custom Metal Solutions, LLC is the most affordable way to design your metal building and determine how much your project will cost.

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